Your Black Friday: Get Back in the Black

Ahhhh, Black Friday. The craziest shopping day of the year.

America’s Ode to Consumerism…shop-til-you-drop-and-never-stop—do it for your country! For your economy! To line retailers’ pockets and fill your house with more stuff you’ve been conned into thinking you truly “want” and “need”! (And is it just me, or have they started decorating for Christmas now before Halloween?!?!)

do understand the lure…we all love a good bargain. We all want to “buy low and sell high”—the very essence of good investing (and shopping). I get it. Honestly, I do.

However, on Black Friday (and now apparently Black or “Gray” Thursday, and Cyber Monday…who knows what they will come up with next!), you are only achieving at most half of the equation—“buy low”.

(And that’s if you truly are able to secure a good deal and don’t get suckered into some slick advertising ploy that lures you in with promises of huge bargains, leaving you scratching your head and wondering why your receipt totals $600+ when you only meant to spend $30…how did THAT happen?!)

But even if you are able to buy low and score a fantastic deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, just about any consumer good you buy will be worth exactly HALF its price the moment you proudly carry it out of the store, thus negating the all-important second half of the equation—“sell high”.

It’s nearly impossible to sell used consumer items for more than you paid for them—heck, it’s hard to even GIVE some items away, let alone sell them!

I know shopping does not equal investing, and as an awesome Kung Fu Finance subscriber I’m sure you didn’t go too crazy on Black Friday anyway…(right?)   🙂

But even so, I think we should kick it up a notch as we enter this perilous holiday shopping season.

So just in case you suffered a bit of momentary insanity and slipped out to buy some “stuff” this weekend, I want to stop for just a moment and channel the “other” Susan, Susan Powter (remember her?) and remind you to “Stop the Insanity!!!!”

Susan Powter

Stop the Insanity!!!

That’s right…I am officially renaming “Black Friday” to Black BELT Friday!

(Hey, that’s got a nice ring to it!)

And “Cyber” Monday?

No way, no how…that is now MASTERY Monday—the day you turn your personal economy (the only one that really matters!) on its head and reclaim your money for YOU (remember, your money represents all of the value you’ve created in the world—you don’t want to throw it all away on junk!)

Instead of thinking about the kickoff of the holiday shopping season like the “average” person (because you most certainly are NOT average — you are a unique and independent thinker, and an awesome one at that!)…you are going to think about it instead like a kung fu master.

That’s right, Black Belt Friday, and Mastery Monday.

Followed by Tai Chi Tuesday and Warrior Wednesday!
(OK, perhaps I am getting a bit carried away…)   🙂

But you get the idea…while everyone else is out shoppy-shop-shopping, YOUare going to be kung fu finance TRAINING in preparation for the final month of the year…your very last chance to brush up on your financial goals, check out your investment performance, and make sure you enter 2013 ready to ROCK instead of ready to cry.

Just think how amazing you will feel if you start off the new year in January 2013 feeling proud and thrilled and excited about all you have accomplished financially, instead of hung over and bloated with too much “stuff” you didn’t really want in the first place, terrified to open your credit card and bank statements?

I want the former for you, not the latter….amazingness, not abject terror!

Pride at how far you’ve come financially in 2012, not shame at how great you did all year, only to blow it in the final stretch. No way!

You are so close to the 2012 finish line…it’s important to finish strong.

It’s time to go all kung fu on December—the final month of the year!

It’s time to STOP being taken advantage of by the big retailers, big banks, big government, big everybody, and start taking your financial future into your own strong and competent hands…let’s get your finances firmly into the black (ink)!

Rather than succumbing to the holiday insanity, I want you to follow this little 3-step program of financial awesomeness today, on Mastery Monday:

Step 1: Get out your trusty Kung Fu Finance vision statement that you created earlier this year, dust it off, and take a good look at it.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it still excite you?
  • Does it still fire you up?
  • Do you still want to be THAT person living THAT life of your dreams?

If YES, then by all means laminate your vision and put it someplace (or several places!) where you can see it and get excited on a daily basis!

If NO, then take another shot at it—maybe something has changed for you over the past year and you want to update your vision with some new things that excite you.

Work on this puppy until you are not just “happy” with it but until you are actually SO EXCITED about achieving it you walk around your domicile with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. That’s the mark of a compelling vision—one that will give you the kick in the pants that you will need when navigating the upcoming perilous holiday shopping season.

Step 2: Get out your trusty SMART goals that you created earlier this year, dust them off, and take a good look at them.

How are you doing? How is your progress? Are you taking small steps (or big ones) to achieve them?

THIS IS IT…the final stretch! You’ve got one more month…surely you can knock some of those out and start 2013 on a positive note!

Remember Will Smith… “when everyone else is sleeping, I’m working…”

Grasshopper that is YOU—whenever everyone else is shopping, you are working towards your goals!

Step 3: Realize that you are in a WAR (a war for your financial future and independence!), and create your “final stretch” battle plan (I will help you).

Ask yourself:

  • How are you going to end 2012 richer than when you started it?
  • How are you going to defend yourself against all of the “great holiday bargains!” that will come your way on a daily basis?
  • What is your plan of attack?
  • Or at least your plan of defense? (Sometimes the best offense is a good defense…what will you do?)

Create your 30-day plan for December—how do you want to end 2012 and enter 2013?

I will be working right alongside you—I’ve got lots of plans of my own that I can’t wait to share with you!

Here is a bit of help on your 30-day battle plan and mentality—it honestly helps me to think of all excuses and enemies like a giant game of Whack-A-Mole:

Whack a mole


Seriously, just try this.

Visualize each little mole as your excuses and YOU as the powerful almighty whacker—when you catch yourself thinking:

“I’m too tired” (WHACK!)
“I don’t feel like it” (WHACK!)
“I’d rather watch TV” (WHACK!)
“But all my friends are…” (WHACK!)

See how that works?   🙂  (And it’s fun!)

This works for so-called holiday “bargains”, too…

“Buy 2 plastic toys get 1 FREE!” (WHACK!)
“This sweater is HALF-OFF TODAY ONLY!” (WHACK!)
“I’ve always wanted a Tiffany blue KitchenAid mixer even though my white one is just fine” (WHACK!)
“Buy Now! $0.05 wine if you buy one bottle at full price!” (WHACK!)

See how fun that is? I love whack-a-mole. (Someone in London even invented “Whack-a-Banker” awhile back…I love that, too!)

Whack A Banker

Whack-A-Banker…I could get into this!

It’s time to take back Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire month of December…your loved ones don’t want “stuff” from you anyway, they want your love and attention.

Please let me know what you think of Black Belt Friday and Mastery Monday in the comments, and let me know how I can help you with your battle plan!

I’ll leave you with Bruce Lee’s version of whack-a-mole, from Enter the Dragon…watch what he does to each new little “mole” who dares to pop up in front of him!

To your financial success,
—Kung Fu Girl

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