Who is Kung Fu Girl?

Cartoon Kung Fu Girl

Kung Fu Girl

Welcome to Kung Fu Finance! My name is Susan Fujii (aka Kung Fu Girl), and I am an SEC Accredited Investor. According to the most recent census data, this distinction supposedly places me in the top 2% of all Americans for wealth (although please note there is a HUGE gap between the likes of me and the illustrious “1%” such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Trump, Jamie Dimon, etc… I am still part of the 99%!).

Susan Fujii Headshot

Professional Me…

Over the past ten years I have made it my mission to become financially educated and free, and in the past several years alone I have enjoyed a 100%+ average return on my investments (not a typo, although I obviously can’t promise that to you nor necessarily keep it up myself every single year!), have been invited to participate in Private Placements reserved for sophisticated investors, have safely and legally diversified our holdings into precious metals, foreign real estate, currencies, energy, options, and other so-called “advanced” investments, and much more.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Let’s take a look at my “Before” picture:

Kung Fu Girl Before Picture

Kung Fu Girl “Before”… Kind of sad, right?

I used to be a financial dunce. I got my start on the path to financial “success” way back in 1996 when I graduated from college and began working at my first job, where I promptly:

  • Got into THOUSANDS of dollars worth of credit card debt,
  • Got a “collection” black mark on my credit report that affected me for SEVEN long years,
  • Bought Intel and Cisco stock at the top of the market in 1999 and then later sold them (near the bottom, of course) for a huge loss,
  • Blindly invested in a Janus mutual fund in my 401(k) which I had never heard of and didn’t understand but that “sounded” good and received 5 stars from Morningstar…this fund was eventually the recipient of a class action lawsuit, and of course I lost a lot of money in this “5-star” fund, and
  • Many, many other financial blunders (I’m just scratching the surface here, believe me– I’m sure all of my financial “dirty laundry” will be aired on the blog someday soon.)

So, off to a great start, hey? I mean, really, if it weren’t so pathetic and sad it would be comical! (OK, you can stop laughing now…this was my LIFE!)

Now you may be asking yourself, “how did all THAT get you started on the path to financial SUCCESS? That sounds like a financial disaster!”.

And you would be right!

So How Did I Do It?

HOW, exactly, did I go from being thousands of dollars in debt to becoming a successful Accredited Investor?

Kung Fu Girl Before and After

Kung Fu Girl “Before and After”

First, let me tell you what I didn’t do:

  • I did not watch Jim Cramer and buy his latest stock picks (by the time they make his show, the “smart money” is already all in or long gone)
  • I did not ask my brother/sister/father/mother/cousin/etc. NOR even the guy who lives next door who drives a Mercedes (he must be wealthy, right?) for their opinion on what investment I should buy and then buy that
  • I did not consult with the broker from Morgan Stanley who really wanted my business about what I should do with my money (well, I met with him once, but his only advice was “buy and hold mutual funds for the long-term”, and I already had some experience with that, no thank you!)
  • I did not buy and hold mutual funds or individual stocks for the long-term (and just how long is “long”, anyway? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years???)
  • I did not open up a U.S. CD paying 1-2% interest for my “short-term” money
  • I did not become a day-trader or even a “freak out over the markets every single week” trader
  • I did not inherit any money, or rob a bank, or win the lottery, or do anything illegal, or marry rich, or stumble on some “SUPER AMAZING MONEY SECRET” (although I would have loved to!)

No. I didn’t do any of that!

Here’s what I did do:

I Got Educated,
I Took Action.

It really is that simple. All I did was decide to get educated, and I mean REALLY educated. And although that’s not particularly sexy, and is certainly not a “SUPER SNEAKY SECRET GURU TRICK” that I can share with you to make you instantly wealthy, I hope you find it inspirational….because if I can do it, then YOU CAN TOO.

(Heck if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!).

These are the true secrets that most financial professionals don’t want you to know:

  • You CAN in fact get financially educated,
  • You CAN become the “smart” money,
  • You CAN beat the average investor, and
  • You do NOT need to be a slave to Wall St. in order to do so (in fact, they are the ones primarily responsible for making you feel so financially stupid!).

So Let’s Get Specific…What Exactly Did I Do?

So what DID I do to get out of debt, take control of my finances, and learn to be a pretty darn good investor?

Well, like I said, this is not sexy, but I:

  • Read every single book by Robert Kiyosaki and all of his advisors that exist.
  • Read every single book that Robert Kiyosaki recommended, and many, many more.
  • Read The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach.
  • Began searching for true financial “masters” whom I believed in and felt I could trust.
  • Thoroughly background-checked every single “guru” I found, particularly if I found them via the Internet, and met them in person whenever possible.
  • Brushed up on my world and U.S. history, and learned the history of money (it’s quite engrossing, actually, and reads like a juicy detective thriller!)
  • Fearlessly questioned all of my previous assumptions about money, the government, society, macro-economics, and more.
  • Signed up for a local UC Berkeley Real Estate Investing course.
  • Signed up for a local UC Berkeley Financial Planning course.
  • Learned to use Quicken to print out monthly Income Statements and Balance Sheets for our family.
  • Began to openly discuss money and investments with friends and family (most of them still just think I am ‘weird’, but some love to talk about it, too, and I treasure those rare friends!)
  • Created Order from Chaos out of our financial records.
  • Began paying for financial information from people I respected.
  • Took personal responsibility for my investments and my financial education.
  • Learned to analyze the fundamentals of each investment before I purchased it.
  • Learned to also analyze the technical charts of each investment before I purchased it, so that I knew *when* to purchase it, and *when* to realize my gains.
  • Determined my exit strategy for each investment that I made and stuck to it.
  • Learned about and placed trailing stops on investments and stuck to them when needed.
  • Began buying precious metals several years ago, when they were still “cheap”.
  • Invested in foreign currencies several years ago, and benefited tremendously from the falling U.S. Dollar.
  • Took my “cojones” in my hand (figuratively speaking, as I am female) 🙂 and plunged in and BOUGHT a lot of stock when the market bottomed in 2009 and everybody else was selling and running for the hills.
  • Recently took that money OUT of the stock market in preparation for a possible crash this year (which actually happened in August), realizing gains of over 100%.
  • And much, much more…

I won’t lie to you– it wasn’t easy. There is so much conflicting (and downright terrible and misleading) financial advice out there, and there is no one (whom I have found, anyway) who teaches you how to become financially savvy from beginning to end.

I Had To Do It the Hard Way…But I Hope You Don’t

I had to do it all the hard way, through trial and error (LOTS of errors, I assure you!). My financial library now rivals the one at any top Business School, and I spend most days glued to CNBC and financial websites– both paid-for and free publications. (But YOU don’t have to…that’s why I’ve created Kung Fu Finance!).

I purchased the domain name for Kung Fu Finance over three years ago, after being completely fed up with the complete lack of information and in many cases, downright MIS-information out there. I remember thinking to myself, “if only there were a site that taught people the real truths about money and investing, instead of the same old crap peddled by the large financial institutions! A place where people could come and just ‘Go all Kung Fu!’ on their financial problems and work together to get ahead.” I searched and searched, but found nothing like it.  The closest I could find was The Motley Fool, but I couldn’t find much advanced information there– they primarily focus on the most basic of basics, and now spend a lot of time peddling their paid-for stock newsletters (the Motley Fool “Hidden Gems”, or “Rule Breakers”, or….you get the idea).

And so Kung Fu Finance was born.  It’s the site I wish I had when I started my own journey to financial independence! It’s taken me three years to launch it, but I am very excited about what we are creating: a site that puts YOU in charge of your personal finances; a true financial *education* site where you can learn the ins and outs of money, economics and finance in a fun and engaging way and where you are NOT pushed to invest in the latest “hot stock” that is “sure” to gain 1000% next year!

What you WILL find here is USEFUL, ACTIONABLE information and a supportive community of like-minded individual investors as our site grows.

I will share with you EXACTLY how I went from thousands of dollars in debt to becoming a bona fide accredited investor, while hopefully saving you from making the same mistakes I made and from having to do ALL THAT RESEARCH yourself, like I had to do. I want you to achieve financial success in far less time than it took me!

I will also share with you my tried and true proven masters who have helped lead me to such financial success (because no one does it alone), the systems that I have created along the way to make everything easier, and real “from the trenches” interviews with other successful investors who have also “walked the walk” so that you can learn from the best.

I wish I could tell you exactly how long it will take you to become a financial master of your own destiny, but I am not going to lie to you– the truth is that it depends on where you are starting from. But what I CAN promise you is that I will tell you exactly what to do each step of the way and exactly what worked for me!

So if you haven’t yet, please sign up for the free daily updates– they are chock full of candid financial tips and tricks that will help you in your journey!

Thank you for reading, and best of luck going all kung fu on your OWN finances!

I’ll be right here with you.

To your financial success,
— Kung Fu Girl (Susan Fujii)