What Does Rick Rule Think About the Future?

San Francisco Hard Assets Conference — Day 1

My apologies for not getting this out to you yesterday! My sweet little Kung Fu Kid burned her hand last night on the stove (she is fine luckily!) while with Kung Fu Guy (I was on my way home from the conference) so I returned home to chaos and much need for Mama love and simply couldn’t get this out to you yesterday.

Hopefully you’ll find it worth the wait, though…I have a special surprise for you at the bottom!

Sunday was Day One of the San Francisco Hard Assets conference, and your boots-on-the-ground reporter (me) soaked up as much information as I could for you.

This is a 2-day FREE conference (which means it’s a pitch-fest, but a fun one and a good one), and there is a third day for “Accredited Investors” only focused on rare earths, which I am attending today.

Some initial observations:

  • There are more people here than there were in 2008, 2009, or 2010
  • There are zero female investors here under the age of 60, although James Dines has a booth stocked with stunningly beautiful “booth bunnies” who are also very nice and probably very smart….and yes, his booth is always packed (sex sells!). Hey, I didn’t say this was going to be a “PC” report…
  • I am sicker than a dog so am not approaching as many people as I would like as I don’t want to inflict them with the plague, although I’m feeling much better today than I was on Sunday
  • The crowd is a mix of investment/money managers, newsletter writers, mining company representatives (majors and juniors), institutional investors (I had a lovely conversation with the CIO from the Hewlett Foundation), and individual investors (such as yours truly, although technically I am writing a newsletter now, too)
  • Most of the “action” happens at the bar and over lunch…which sadly I had to pass on—I was supposed to have drinks with Jeff Berwick and friends but had to pass as I’m so sick. (Yes, you know I am really sick when I pass up drinks! There is nothing I love more than socializing with interesting/fun people over a great cocktail or two!) But health comes first, drat.
  • The investors who are here are sophisticated and intelligent, and are asking great questions. I’ve learned so much just by hanging around the booths where the “gurus” are answering questions…particularly from Rick Rule.

Which brings me to the meat of today’s missive, and boy do I have a special treat for you…

I recorded Rick Rule’s keynote speech and received his permission and that of Sprott Corporate to share it with you here on Kung Fu Finance!

When Rick has something to say, I listen….the man is brilliant and has a terrific way of explaining complex topics in an understandable (and highly entertaining) way. He spoke for 45 minutes on good news/bad news, what to expect in the coming months and years (hint: rhymes with “STIX”), and how to earn income on your investments even when the markets are gyrating wildly.

Rick is not the most “PC” guy on the planet so if you have delicate sensibilities I hope you won’t be offended, but he is hilarious, entertaining, and an extremely savvy investor. Did I mention he is a billionaire…? Give it a listen! (Rick starts at about the 2 minute mark after the long-winded introduction):

Rick RuleRick Rule Keynote San Francisco Hard Assets Conference

Sprott Global now has over $8 Billion under management, and you can find out more about Global Resource Investments, Rick Rule, and  Sprott Global here

(I am completely unaffiliated—I just think Rick is a really smart guy)

Back tomorrow with more insights!

To your financial success,
— Kung Fu Girl

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