Survey Reveals…Just who IS Kung Fu Finance?

It’s a magical Monday here at Kung Fu Finance. I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend with like-minded entrepreneurs run by the ever-awesome Craig Ballantyne and Matt Smith, and despite a minor emergency on Friday (you may have noticed a dearth of email from me—so sorry, and yes, luckily everything is fine) it was an absolutely stellar weekend.

I even got to connect in person with many awesome Kung Fu Finance subscribers, and one gave me the greatest gift ever—a hand-written, home-made personalized recipe for Orange Nut Bread “being an expression of admiration and gratitude for things learned”. Thank you George!

(Yes, the way to my heart is through my stomach…YUM!)

And you know it’s also through my liver…many bought me cocktails (thank you!) and one subscriber even shared with me a photo of “Kung Fu Girl” wine! Yep, apparently I have my own wine…a Riesling by Charles Smith Wines out of Walla Walla, Washington, rated 90 points by the Wine Spectator…not too shabby!

Kung Fu Girl Riesling Wine

Just might have to try this…

Tasting Notes: Super Kung Fu Girl! More depth and complexity than ever. Apricot, kumquat, nectarine and lime leaves. A great mid-palate intensity with a long, long minerally finish. This is one for the books….THE BOOK.

Nice—thank you Steven!

But I digress! There is so much to talk with you about this week, I hardly know where to begin.

I’ve got my recent interview with John Mauldin coming your way, a fantastic article from Mark Ford to share with you, the Stansberry Alliance conference this Thursday that I will of course report to you on, and so much more. I may have to go back to 3x/week posts.

But today I want to share with you our Kung Fu Finance survey results! Thank you very much for taking the time to give me your input. I truly appreciate it and it will help me serve you better.

So….just who IS Kung Fu Finance?

1. You are mostly men…82% (only 18% of you are women)

Male Female Ratio

There’s that PacMan chart again!


2. Almost half of you (48%) are in the 40 – 60 year old age group—in your prime working and earning years and looking ahead to retirement, but almost as many of you (35%) are 60 and older. 18% of you are 21 – 39, and none of you are 20 and younger. (Although I receive email every so often from some of you slacker Millenials so I know there are at least a few of you out there!) 🙂

Age Chart

Where are the Millenials?


3. You are interested in learning more about all asset classes, with a slight skew / preference toward precious metals, stocks, and commodities, in that order, but with currencies, real estate, and businesses all coming in at 35% or so. Bonds are the least interesting to you—only 16% of you want to hear more about bonds.

(No worries from me there…you know I think they are the second-biggest bubble on the planet, right after student-loan debt!)

Learning to analyze and understand sovereign debt and what the credit market is telling you about the overall worldwide economic health IS important, however, so I will continue to talk about that, and the state of the various bond markets from time to time (treasuries, muni’s, junk, corporate, etc.).

4. A solid majority of you want more “How To” information (62%), and half of you would like more specific investment ideas and recommendations.30% of you would like more information on mastering your mind and also more personal stories of investment mistakes and wins.

5. You are a mix of belt levels:

  • Apprentice / Beginner: 56% (Pre-white, white, yellow, orange)
  • Warrior / Intermediate: 30% (Red, purple, blue)
  • Dragon Warrior / Advanced: 14% (Green, brown, black)

Several of you felt that you were a mix of a few different levels, which is completely normal, and many of you said that you felt that you had the knowledge of a certain level, but were terrible at actually putting that knowledge into practice and executing…unsure of yourselves.

This, my friend, is completely to be expected and common to ANY new area of learning, and I recommend you read:

6. What you like most…

Thankfully, you all appreciate and like my conversational “to a friend” writing style and goofy sense of humor (though you were kind and called it my wicked or witty sense of humor) and my down to earth and authentic style.

You also appreciate the lack of hype and continual plugs for this investment or that, and like my way of explaining complex topics in easy-to-understand (yet not “dumbed down”) terms. You like that I’m honest and straightforward and tell the truth, instead of telling you what you want to hear (e.g. that you can get rich by just picking the ONE right stock! Not.) And you like my philosophy and Bruce Lee quotes and general positive “can do it” attitude, and love my conference reports.

7. What you like least…

Many of you love the only twice per week schedule, but just as many of you stated in the “What do you like least?” section that you wished I emailed you more and gave you more (though not articles that are too lengthy, either—we are all time-constrained and you want “just the facts, ma’am”).

You have some technical issues with the website and wish I would fix all of my broken links (I am working on that—awhile back a friend helped me optimize my site for SEO and changed my “permalink” structure, but that unwittingly broke a lot of links—I have fixed about 20% so far and am working on the rest).

You also would like to be able to refer to past articles more easily on the site and to have the content organized in a more step-by-step manner.

You would like more of an international focus, possibly featuring guest authors from the UK, Australia, and India (working on that, too).

Speaking of parenthetical expressions (e.g. stuff like this in parentheses which I tend to do frequently…), one of you finds that very difficult to read (so I’m assuming many more of you who didn’t write in do, too!). Thanks for your patience…writing is a skill like anything else and I am working to improve mine day by day.

Many of you, however, love my conversational tone and thankfully none of you seem to mind the smiley faces and exclamation points, which I probably use too frequently but can’t seem to help. (Meet me in person and you’ll see why!)

You all would like to see a specific comparison of different investing strategies and their results and a more organized structure…coming soon!

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete the survey—I truly appreciate it and will actively incorporate all of your suggestions!

That’s it for today…I simply wanted to share the results with you of our awesome Kung Fu Finance community!

You simply rock. Thank you so much…more down-to-earth hands-on boots-on-the-ground investing stories and how to’s coming your way soon.

To your financial success,

— Kung Fu Girl

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