Super Cool Money Tool…Make Some Quick Cash!

I have a fun and potentially lucrative one for you today (we need a break from all that organization!). I learned about an awesome new website while down in Austin, Texas, a site where you can get anything (just about…get that mind out of the gutter!) 🙂 for only $5. Yes, $5!!!

And I don’t mean your typical “Dollar Store” cheap stuff, I mean any and all kinds of services!

And, if you are somewhat entrepreneurial or in need of some quick cash, you can make a killing on this site. The top-rated “sellers” have multiple $5 gigs open at one time…it is a terrific way to make a few bucks (or a lot, if you’re motivated!) in just a few minutes.

Think you don’t have any amazing skills that someone would pay you for?

Think again…one of the current featured top-sellers is this girl:


“Tell me the song and I’ll shake my schlong”

I will dance to 2 minutes of any song of your choice in a hot dog costume for $5

Let’s see…even my rusty math skills can figure out that she can rake in 60 minutes/2 minutes = 30 songs * $5 per song = $150 per HOUR for dancing in a hot dog costume!

Even if you subtract a bunch of minutes for the time it takes her to click “accept gig” and change into her costume, she’s still making a ton of money. For dancing. In a hot dog costume. Now that is entrepreneurial!

AND, the lady’s got some great upsells…oh yes, for just $5 more she will edit your logo or message into the video, and for $20 more she will shoot the entire video in 1080p HD. Don’t like hot dogs? She’ll also do it dressed as a pea pod instead! According to the website she’s got 8 songs in her queue and has 199 positive reviews (and a 100% satisfaction rate).

If a girl who dances in a hot dog costume can make a killing, surely there is some cool talent and/or valuable service that you can perform, too!

You can also of course hire all kinds of things done for you for $5 to make your life easier…the possibilities are endless. A friend of mine recently hired an “accountability coach” to help him with his fitness goals, and yours truly is going to try out the search engine optimization folks who can apparently do all sorts of magic to have little ol’ Kung Fu Finance ranked on the first page of Google. Wow.

Much like eBay, you can rate the sellers, so if you decide to hire someone (to help you organize your life, perhaps? Although I wouldn’t give anyone any of your personal information…) make sure to sort by “Rating” and hire top-rated sellers only. But then again, you’re really only risking $5…

So here is the site…have fun!  🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow with some QnA (and how about those precious metals???)!

To your financial success,

— Kung Fu Girl

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