Ready To Test For Your White Belt?

Grasshopper, I want to congratulate you on all of the progress you have made so far!

Congratulations! I am so proud of you. I know it is not easy to work on your finances and investments while simultaneously running the rest of your busy life! You are doing great, and I applaud you.

Just look what you’ve accomplished so far…you have slowly-but-surely been making outstanding progress to achieving your Kung Fu Finance “Financial Independence” Black Belt!

(And if you have just recently joined us, welcome, and jump right in!)

Just look what you’ve accomplished! You have:

Wait…stop the presses…

You have committed to achieving your goals, right???

Because there is a huge difference between being “interested” in achieving them and being “committed” to achieving them (and here at Kung Fu Finance we settle for nothing other than absolute commitment.

In blood.

(OK, kidding about the blood…please don’t go sending me yours in the mail!).  🙂

But other than blood, yes, absolute commitment to achieving your goals!

Why is commitment so important?

Because when you are committed, you are bold, decisive, gutsy, and unstoppable, and are driven by a strong sense of purpose to achieve your goals. When you are committed, you are able to attract the support and resources you need from others around you and earn their respect (and you definitely deserve respect!).

Successful people are committed to their success, and committed people take action to achieve their goals (think Bruce Lee, Warren Buffett, Oprah, and others).

However, if you are not committed to achieving your goals, you will hesitate to take action and be reluctant to move boldly toward the things you want. You will be indecisive about what to do and left with wishes but no results. And you definitely do not want that!

So before we jump into the next Kung Fu Finance belt level, your Yellow Belt, we need to seal the lid on the coffin of this White Belt and let you earn it once and for all…

It’s a simple test (no blood involved, honest!):

  • Just leave a comment on the blog below this article and let me know, “YES, KFG, I am committed to achieving my financial goals!” (or simply “I AM COMMITTED” or whatever you’d like to say along those lines).

And that will do it….you will be the proud owner of your very first Kung Fu Finance Belt—your White Belt!

Congratulations Grasshopper! I am so proud of you!

Tomorrow (or more likely next week, as tomorrow I will be inflight to Austin, TX and will have a guest post for you) we will dive into earning your Yellow Belt…there are four things you need to do to earn that one.

(It won’t be easy…but then nothing worthwhile in life ever is!) But it will be rewarding!

Good luck, and congratulations on earning your White Belt!

To your financial success,
— Kung Fu Girl

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