Talking Tech with Alex Daley

I’m writing you today from gorgeous Stowe, Vermont. What on earth am I doing in Vermont? Well…that’s a bit of a mystery for now, but I am excited to reveal the details to you soon! Since I’m in lovely Stowe, however, and since the Casey Research offices just happen to be here, too, I thought… Continue reading

QnA Friday: The Most Important Currency In the World

Happy Friday, Dear Grasshopper! I’m feeling thoughtful today (go figure), and it’s been ages since I’ve quoted my man Bruce (shame on me), so I want to start today’s missive with an observation on arguably the very best and most expensive currency in the entire world, including (gasp!) gold itself… Time. “To spend time is… Continue reading

Top Ten Takeaways from the Agora Financial Conference

I hope you enjoyed my notes from Doug’s talk! He is always insightful and entertaining—a great combination.   🙂 Rather than continually giving you the blow-by-blow details of each and every speaker who presented (which would be impossible…I would be at this for months!), today I want to give you something I hope you find… Continue reading

Doug Casey on The Greater Depression

I’m finally back from beautiful Vancouver, BC, where I must say there were no signs whatsoever of recession, let alone a depression! The streets were bustling, stores were packed, and restaurants and clubs were busy with lines to get in…definitely no signs of economic malaise! And yet, Doug Casey believes we are smack in the… Continue reading

Making Friends With Your Financial Fears

Today I’m proud to provide you with a guest post from Kung Fu Finance subscriber (and personal hero of mine!), Mark Ford. If you don’t know Mark, you should…he is an amazing and gifted entrepreneur and writer and knows a lot about building wealth (he’s a multimillionaire). Mark is the editor of The Palm Beach Continue reading

Live from Vancouver: Innovate or Die

Innovate or die. That’s the theme of this year’s Agora Financial conference held here in lovely Vancouver, BC at the gorgeous Fairmont Hotel (a gigantic step up from FreedomFest’s Bally’s, I must say!). Like all investment conferences I have attended, so far I’m having a blast at this one (and learning a lot, too!). If… Continue reading

Peter Schiff: Why the Dollar Is Doomed

Last week at FreedomFest (hard to believe it was only a week ago…!) one of my favorite speeches was by Peter Schiff, CEO of EuroPacific Capital. Peter is always an entertaining speaker, but more importantly, he’s gotten a lot right over the past 10+ years, even when everyone else said he was crazy. (You… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Let’s Get Physical

I’ve got to be the cheesiest person alive today, but I can’t help it. I’m sitting here thinking of all of the ways I can introduce today’s topic (you’ve probably guessed it… physical gold and silver), and all I can think of is the cheesiest song in the world (with apologies to all of my… Continue reading

Global Financial Summit…In Vegas?

I know, it sounds strange… Who on earth holds a “Global Financial Summit” in Las Vegas (usually better known as the home of “how to lose your money in 3 days or less”)? It’s not exactly the first city that comes to mind when you think of high finance…maybe Davos, or an exotic locale in… Continue reading

Now Open! Breakthrough Precious Metals Solution

Those of you who’ve been reading Kung Fu Finance for any length of time know how I beat the drum on the importance of owning some physical gold and silver and the importance of internationalizing your assets. But sometimes investing in gold and silver can be confusing, difficult, and fraught with uncertainty. Do you buy… Continue reading
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