Wednesday Funnies– Let’s Open Up a Bank!

The following exchange was published in the British humor magazine, Punch, on April 3, 1957. I’ve changed the British Pound sign to the US dollar sign, but otherwise it reads just as it did over fifty years ago…not much has changed, eh? Enjoy!   Q. What are banks for? A. To make money.   Q.… Continue reading

What Happened To Your Money? (Part 2)

What Happened To Your Money? (Part 2) In a previous post we discussed one of the ways in which the government legally “steals” your money (via taxes). But unfortunately, taxes are only ONE of the ways that the government legally steals your money… There is also another, even MORE insidious way… Inflation (The Hidden Tax) That’s right, inflation. (Yawn….I know I know,… Continue reading

What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Money

What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Money Today, all across the world, people are mourning the loss of one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. There is hardly a person living who has not been touched in some way by Steve Jobs’ beautifully designed inventions, from the world’s very first personal computer way back in 1976 to the more recent stunning slew of… Continue reading

What Happened To Your Money? (Part 1)

Do you ever wonder where all of your money goes? Or why your employer stated when you got your job that you would be making “$60,000 per year” (awesome!) but instead of your monthly paycheck being $60,000 divided by 12 months = $5000 per month, it is much, much less, sometimes only HALF of that:… Continue reading

Diversified or Di”worse”ified?

Diversified or Di”worse”ified? Right now I have CNBC on mute (I’m addicted to the tickers, not necessarily the reporting) and Jim Cramer has a huge billboard up promoting being “Diversified”. This idea has been drummed into sheeple’s people’s heads for so long by Wall St. and the big banks that I beg of you to please open your… Continue reading

Taking Action: A Personal Story

So many people have so many hopes and dreams that sadly remain just that: only “hopes” and “dreams”, and never their reality.  Why is this???  I believe that many are simply afraid to take action– either they don’t know how, or they are afraid they will do it “wrong” or make a mistake. So today… Continue reading

Extreme Couponing…?

Extreme Couponing…? …is CRAZY.  I had no idea this TV show existed (yeah, I don’t get out much as I have a 3-year-old and 5-year-old… my TV watching pretty much consists of Scooby Doo and anything mermaid-related), however, tonight while making dinner I happened to catch this on TLC.  WOW. I am all for saving money, but… Continue reading

Getting Started: A Journey of One Thousand Miles…

Getting Started: A Journey of One Thousand Miles… …begins with a single step. When you’re getting started looking at the mountain of mess that is quite possibly your finances right now (that’s where I started– one big fat giant MESS!), where on earth do you begin???  Well, the saying is true….you must start from the beginning.  Before you can master that mountain of… Continue reading

Why Kung Fu?

Why Kung Fu? kung fu /ˈkəNG ˈfo͞o/ (功夫) Kung fu or gongfu or gung fu (功夫, Pinyin: gōngfu) is a Chinese term often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts. Its original meaning is somewhat different, however, referring to one’s expertise in any skill achieved through hard work and practice.[1] Hard work…? Practice…? But… Continue reading

Welcome, Grasshopper!

Welcome, Grasshopper! Hello Grasshopper, and welcome to Kung Fu Finance!  It is my hope that through the help of this site you will learn not only to master your money, but also your mind, and MOST importantly, to do all of this while having fun along the way!  No matter where you may be currently, or where… Continue reading
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