SF Hard Assets Conference: Day 1 Recap

It was just under a year ago when I wrote my very first report on the SF Hard Assets Conference, and I must admit I’m feeling a little nostalgic! I love the San Francisco Hard Assets conference. As you know, I frequent a lot of investing conferences each year — in the past 12… Continue reading

Are You a Stock Market Sucker?

If so, fear not….you are certainly not alone! I was, too, (and still am in some ways!) When you first signed up for Kung Fu Finance, I promised you I would do my very best to show you what I’ve learned along my investing journey and show you how the “smart money” thinks and… Continue reading

QnA: What to do with $10,000, 3-D Printing, QE3, Real Estate

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… Greetings! I must apologize—I have an enormous backlog of questions (everything from tax liens to what to do with gold in IRAs to whether the HAA supports self-directed IRAs to how to buy ammunition to petrodollars to the fiscal cliff to how do we export inflation to primary dealers and market makers to what do… Continue reading

Your Money Inspiration

For a site with the promise and tagline of “Master your mind, master your money”, I cannot believe I have not yet talked about the most important aspect of mastering your mind and money! I’ve talked of course about other important aspects of mastering your mind…harnessing the power of focusovercoming adversity, the … Continue reading

Kung Fu Girl Interviewed by Wall Street for Main Street

Happy Friday! I am in Mexico for a weekend seminar before returning home to California next Tuesday. (I was supposed to continue on to Argentina to visit Doug Casey and the rest of the Casey crew and speak at their mini-investment conferences next week, but unfortunately had to cancel that portion of my trip due… Continue reading

The Spooky Spectacular Stansberry Alliance Conference

It was a dark and stormy night…when I arrived at the secretive and secluded Stansberry Alliance Conference last Wednesday evening in stunningly beautiful Sea Island, GA. Coincidentally (or not…?), Sea Island happens to be situated right next to Jekyll Island (yes, that Jekyll Island…oh, how I would have loved to make a side trip!)… Continue reading

Getting Wealthy One Decimal Point at a Time

I traveled back from the outstanding Stansberry Alliance conference yesterday and will give you a full report on that next week—it was a great conference and I have lots to share with you! Today, though, I want to share an essay with you from one of my personal kung fu wealth-building masters, Mark Ford. Mark… Continue reading

Kung Fu Girl Interviews John Mauldin

I was honored to sit down with John Mauldin (Chairman of Mauldin Economics, President of Millenium Wave Investments, and NYT best-selling author) at the recent Casey Summit in Carlsbad, CA. John is the most well-connected man I know, extremely intelligent and hard-working, and a true Southern gentleman to boot. He is on a… Continue reading

Survey Reveals…Just who IS Kung Fu Finance?

It’s a magical Monday here at Kung Fu Finance. I’ve just returned from an amazing weekend with like-minded entrepreneurs run by the ever-awesome Craig Ballantyne and Matt Smith, and despite a minor emergency on Friday (you may have noticed a dearth of email from me—so sorry, and yes, luckily everything is fine) it was… Continue reading

Kung Fu Girl Interviews Rick Rule

Continuing my interviews from the recent Casey Summit, with big thanks again to the awesome Casey Research team, I had the great honor to sit down and talk with one of the (if not THE) best investors I have ever met (although he might consider himself more of a speculator).  🙂 Rick Rule is … Continue reading