The Tax Man Cometh…

The year is 2040. Hovercraft zoom by rapidly and weave crazily in between the numerous skyscrapers. You’re on your hover-skateboard, even cooler than Marty McFly’s, and you’re skating for your LIFE. Someone is chasing you. Someone wants something from you. Someone is out to get something from you…something he believes is rightfully HIS. With a… Continue reading

Feeling Trapped? 401(k) Part Deux…

Hi. My name’s Lotta, Lotta Cash (sadly, no relation to Johnny). I used to have a fabulous, exciting, highly productive, rewarding life, but now… I’m in prison. Yep, that’s right, locked behind bars doin’ time for a crime I didn’t commit. In fact, I’m not really sure why I’m in here at all…all I know… Continue reading

4 Ways Your 401(k) is Robbing You Blind (Part 1)

We’ve all heard the mantra: “Work hard, save money, invest in your 401(k), and retire”. But does this really work? I have to admit I’m a little afraid to write this article. The 401(k) has been lauded in the mass media and mass financial publications (Kiplinger’s, Money Magazine, etc…..) as the savior of Americans’ retirements.… Continue reading

The True Meaning of Kung Fu

The True Meaning of Kung Fu Kung fu is not simply a combative martial art. The authentic Chinese translation describes it as a tremendous sense of total achievement or mastery of one’s craft, whatever your particular craft may be. Kung fu also refers to much more than just physical prowess—it is intended to affect your entire way of thinking and behaving.… Continue reading

CFTC Releases Silver Market Manipulation Statement

CFTC Statement Regarding Enforcement Investigation of the Silver Markets Washington, DC, November 4, 2011 – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today issued the following statement: “In September of 2008, the Commission announced the existence of an enforcement investigation into the possibility of unlawful acts in silver markets. Since that time, the staff has analyzed over… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Is Now A Good Time To Buy A House?

QnA Friday: Is Now A Good Time To Buy A House? My husband and I used to own a lovely home in San Francisco. (No, it was not the home in this picture…) It was, however, gorgeous and large and everything I was “supposed” to want…the house where we would live “forever” and raise our growing family and even care for our parents one day if… Continue reading

Technically Speaking, I Was An Idiot

Technically Speaking, I Was An Idiot Once upon a time, there lived a girl who longed to become the “smart money”. Flush with confidence from the success of her recent silver purchase (imperfect though it was), the girl decided to increase her position and take a rather meaningful stake in the shiny metal. Silver had climbed over $1.50 during the previous… Continue reading

Are You A Sheeple?

Are You A Sheeple? Tell me if this sounds familiar. You are watching Jim Cramer on CNBC and he’s talking about Coca-Cola and how it is a world dominating stock, a global consumer staple, and how it just happens to be extremely undervalued right now (according to Jim). You’ve been looking for another good stock to add to your… Continue reading

Don’t Get Tricked: The #1 Thing You Should REALLY Be Afraid Of Today and How to Fight Back

Don’t Get Tricked: The #1 Thing You Should REALLY Be Afraid Of Today and How to Fight Back Today is Halloween here at Kung Fu Girl’s house. With a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old I can’t escape it (not that I want to— who doesn’t love a holiday where you can dress up as your favorite fantasy and eat as much candy as you like, or party all night depending on your age…or both!).… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Debt, Baby

Let’s Talk About Debt, Baby (Title to be sung in your best Salt-N-Pepa voice…) Today I’m busy preparing for an upcoming business trip– I’m flying to Florida tomorrow to meet with two of my all-time-favorite Internet heroes, Craig Ballantyne (Internet and Matt Smith ( What I really love and respect about Craig and Matt is… Continue reading