Extreme Couponing…?

Extreme Couponing…?

…is CRAZY.  I had no idea this TV show existed (yeah, I don’t get out much as I have a 3-year-old and 5-year-old… my TV watching pretty much consists of Scooby Doo and anything mermaid-related), however, tonight while making dinner I happened to catch this on TLC.  WOW.

I am all for saving money, but I am absolutely sick at the waste and loss of opportunity exhibited on this show!  One radio producer has a basement stockpile of over 100 boxes of cereal and 60 boxes of diapers and says that he spends three to four hours PER DAY clipping and organizing coupons!!!  He estimates that he “saves” $10,000 per year, but I beg to differ.  Has he considered:

  • The value of his time?  He is a radio producer in New York and has a growing family.  Surely he could spend his time starting a new (possibly online? 🙂 ) business, or playing with his beautiful children, or romancing his wife, or studying the power of investing, or taking a part-time job…. ANY of those options have the possibility to return MUCH more than $10,000! (emotionally, or in “real” dollars!)
  • That he is acting like a “sheeple” and letting marketers control what he and his family buy and eat?  Have you noticed there are never coupons for fresh fruit and vegetables?  Have you ever seen a “buy one cucumber, get two free” coupon?  Of course not!  Coupons are only for boxed, processed foods and goods such as cereal, toiletries, diapers, etc.
  • Waste…what do you do if you potty-train your child before you’ve gone through the 60 boxes of size 4 diapers?  How much deodorant can you reasonably expect to use in your lifetime?  Aren’t you actually LOSING money, not saving it, if you have to throw out and/or give away tons of  excess junk?  I’m sure you could find a charity to donate your excess to if you chose, but wouldn’t that charity appreciate your money instead, not just your cast-off unused deodorant?

Look, I am not anti-coupons or anti-sales or anti-saving or anti-anything, on the contrary, I am all for saving money to fit your lifestyle, but this is just CRAZY.  (Of course, this is sensationalized TV and apparently why they call it “Extreme” couponing!)  But if these people would put 3-4 hours per day into thinking about how to GROW their income instead, they could enjoy a lifetime of wealth and abundance and never need to clip coupons again!

Of course, everyone needs a hobby…but I can think of a lot more rewarding ways (financially, emotionally, and otherwise!) to spend your time rather than clipping coupons.  YMMV…

To your financial success,

— Kung Fu Girl

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