Cool Educational Money Tool

You’ve probably heard about the “Khan Academy“, a not-for-profit company started by Sal Khan that has over 2800 free educational videos online.

But did you know that the Khan Academy has videos now for more than just K-12 students?

They are beginning to cover much more college-level material and have sections now on the following finance and investing-related topics that you grasshoppers might find interesting:

  • Banking and Money
  • Credit Crisis
  • Currency
  • Current Economics
  • Finance
  • The Geithner Plan
  • Micro and Macroeconomics
  • The Paulson Bailout
  • Valuation and Investing
  • Venture Capital and Capital Markets

I haven’t reviewed too many of these videos yet so cannot vouch for whether I am aligned with their thinking or not, but on the surface it looks like a great place to get the basics!  (e.g. “American Put Options”, “The Yield Curve”, “EBITDA”, etc….)

Sal’s previous employer was a hedge fund and he has multiple degrees from MIT and Harvard…he’s certainly no slouch when it comes to math and money!

Check it out!

To your financial success,

—Kung Fu Girl

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