Conflict of Interest / Disclosure Policy

<sarc>…because we just don’t have enough policies…</sarc>

Our Conflict of Interest Highlights:

1. As a thinking, reasoning, mostly-rational human being I hope you approach all things financial with a critical mind.  You should be the biggest skeptic in the world when it comes to your money and parting with it in any way whatsoever!

2. Because of (1.), you should ALWAYS assume that we are “conflicted” if and when we recommend anything.  If we say that Apple is a great stock to own, assume that we already own a huge chunk of the company AND are currently sleeping with Steve Jobs. If we say that is the best place to buy and store physical gold offshore, assume that we already have tons of gold there AND get some sort of affiliate commission on the recommendation AND are sleeping with James Turk AND that his sister’s cousin’s boyfriend is our favorite nephew. If we say that Morgan Stanley stock is total crap assume we shorted the bejeezus out of it several days ago. Etc…… You need to be a skeptic with your money ALL. THE. TIME. Otherwise you are a mindless “sheeple” who will get thoroughly fleeced in the markets. (“Oh, Morningstar says this fund is 5 stars! I think I will add it to my portfolio!”).

That said, our Kung Fu Finance values place ETHICS at the top of the list and we will never recommend something we don’t fully believe in 100%.