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The Wide World of Investing: Kung Fu Girl Interviews Rick Rule

“Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition… This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports!” So began the intro to a famous ABC show during my childhood years, ABC’s Wide World of Sports. It was broadcast on… Continue reading

The Truth About Building Wealth (dirty little secret)

Here at Kung Fu Finance I endeavor to expose the truth of how wealth-building really works (and how falling prey to hype such as “buy this ONE stock and make 300% in 6 months!” really doesn’t work). Today is one such occasion, and I would like to expose a dirty little secret of wealth-building… A… Continue reading

What Is Money? (Part 3)

(Part 1: History of Money) (Part 2: Fractional Reserve Banking, You, John, Steve, Sarah) (QnA: Inflation) We left off on our juicy story of money with the basics of fractional reserve banking under a gold standard, using our example of you, John, Steve, and Sarah and how the banks… Continue reading

Conspiracy Theory Thursday (What Is Money? Part 2)

Wednesday Funnies– Let’s Open Up a Bank! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a juicy “Conspiracy Theory Thursday” post, so it must be time for another one… We left off with our story of money earlier this week with people having progressed from using coins made of precious metals to using receipts for these metals. Precious metal coins were wonderful, but they… Continue reading

What is Money? (Part 1)

It’s impossible to be a great investor without a solid understanding of what money truly is, how it came into being in its current form, and how it works in today’s society. Money vs. Currency What is money? Most people assume it is whatever currency they are carrying in their wallets, whether US dollars or… Continue reading

Channel Your Inner Kung Fu: 5 Steps to Clutter-Free Finances

If you have summoned your inner motivation and excitement for achieving your financial independence, you are now ready to get going and get organized! Um, you have summoned your inner motivation, right? I know it’s extremely tempting when faced with a yucky task to hope that your fairy godmother will magically come and whisk… Continue reading

Is Your Financial Life a Mess?

(Note: if you are looking for a super-duper investing strategy or a quick-and-easy one-minute tip to “instantly” make you more money now, today’s article is not for you…just hit the delete button and check back in a day or two when we’ll get back to some more current events and investing strategies and tactics! But… Continue reading

Earn Your Yellow Belt: The Most Important Financial Statement You Will Ever Read

I got a great question on the blog the other day about how to read financial statements (which I will definitely answer; in fact, we can do a mini-course here on Kung Fu Finance on that soon—it’s a great topic!). But the question really got me thinking about how I originally learned to read financial… Continue reading