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7 Critical Debt Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Repaying Your Debt

Long time no see, my wonderful grasshopper folks! I’m (finally) back (after 5 years)! I cannot believe I’ve neglected you all for so long. Feels like just yesterday I was slinging tips to you guys on the daily. Well, today I got some advice from the good folks at in regards to paying off… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Happy New Year! (and 401k QnA Part 1)

Happy New Year my wonderful grasshopper friends! I’m back! I cannot believe we are ten days into January already. It seems as if just yesterday the Kung Fu Kids were putting out cookies and milk for Santa and making gifts for the family. My favorite is the handwritten card they made me inviting me to… Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Kung Fu Girl!

wish you a beautiful, magical, joyous holiday filled with love, peace, and joy! My dear friends, I am shutting down for the holidays (but only for the holidays…I will be back with lots to share with you in the New Year!) As a beautiful mentor of mine says, my sweet Kung Fu Kids need… Continue reading

Define Your Own Reality: KFG Interview

Happy 12/12/12! I hope you are having an auspicious, amazing, productive day. Personally, I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year…I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks! Today I want to share with you Part 2 of my interview with Benay Wettle of Benay lives… Continue reading

Is There a “Secret” to Building Wealth?

Ask me that before this past weekend and I would have adamantly stomped my foot down and said, “don’t be ridiculous, of COURSE NOT! What on earth have you been smoking?” You know that I believe 100% of most so-called “secrets” involve nothing more than hard work and perseverance, followed by more hard work and… Continue reading

Your Black Friday: Get Back in the Black

Ahhhh, Black Friday. The craziest shopping day of the year. America’s Ode to Consumerism…shop-til-you-drop-and-never-stop—do it for your country! For your economy! To line retailers’ pockets and fill your house with more stuff you’ve been conned into thinking you truly “want” and “need”! (And is it just me, or have they started decorating for Christmas now… Continue reading

Rick Rule: Bear Markets Are Best

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the U.S., and a happy thankful Thursday to my dear international readers! I hope you have a wonderful holiday (or day) filled with gratitude and love. I have a little gift for you as my way of saying thanks for being such a loyal reader and awesome part… Continue reading

SF Hard Assets Conference: Day 1 Recap

It was just under a year ago when I wrote my very first report on the SF Hard Assets Conference, and I must admit I’m feeling a little nostalgic! I love the San Francisco Hard Assets conference. As you know, I frequent a lot of investing conferences each year — in the past 12… Continue reading

Are You a Stock Market Sucker?

If so, fear not….you are certainly not alone! I was, too, (and still am in some ways!) When you first signed up for Kung Fu Finance, I promised you I would do my very best to show you what I’ve learned along my investing journey and show you how the “smart money” thinks and… Continue reading

QnA: What to do with $10,000, 3-D Printing, QE3, Real Estate

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… Greetings! I must apologize—I have an enormous backlog of questions (everything from tax liens to what to do with gold in IRAs to whether the HAA supports self-directed IRAs to how to buy ammunition to petrodollars to the fiscal cliff to how do we export inflation to primary dealers and market makers to what do… Continue reading
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