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Smart Money, Yield Curves and Viagra…?

(Wow, the spam filters are going to have a field day with this one!) We left off on our juicy interest rate discussion (c’mon…you know you love to read about scintillating, fascinating, yummy-delicious interest rates…gets the blood pumping!) 🙂 with some bond basics: yield, price, and coupon value, and why 10-year notes are the “new”… Continue reading

Cool Educational Money Tool

You’ve probably heard about the “Khan Academy“, a not-for-profit company started by Sal Khan that has over 2800 free educational videos online. But did you know that the Khan Academy has videos now for more than just K-12 students? They are beginning to cover much more college-level material and have sections now on… Continue reading

Super Cool Money Tool…Make Some Quick Cash!

I have a fun and potentially lucrative one for you today (we need a break from all that organization!). I learned about an awesome new website while down in Austin, Texas, a site where you can get anything (just about…get that mind out of the gutter!) 🙂 for only $5. Yes, $5!!! And I don’t… Continue reading

Two Cool Money Tools

It’s been several weeks since I’ve talked about a “cool money tool” so I wanted to make amends and tell you about two really cool money tools. The first is to nourish your inner geek and the second, while it’s been around a few years, is a great place for those of you starting out… Continue reading

Cool Resource For You: The Stock Gumshoe

Cool Resource For You: The Stock Gumshoe I have a secret. In addition to a great kung fu movie, I also LOVE detectives and spies. From Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, James Bond, Mission Impossibile, and more, I LOVE me a good mystery! And now there is a guy (actually he’s been around since 2007) called the… Continue reading

Cool Mobile Money Tool That Lets YOU Be the Merchant!

Cool Mobile Money Tool That Lets YOU Be the Merchant! Are you ready to stop giving everyone else your money and instead start collecting some of THEIRS? Aw yeah, me, too! Now THAT is some serious kung fu! On Wednesday we joked about how you would be better off to open a bank, rather than a bank account, and though I can’t help you with… Continue reading