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Know Your Enemy…

In kung fu, as in all martial arts and any type of war or battle, it is crucial to study your enemy. Because the more you understand your enemy—their favorite strategies and tactics, their key players and moves, their strengths and weaknesses—the more likely you are to win the most important battle of your life—the… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Fun with the Fed

TGIF! This marks my first week home in Michigan for the summer, and while I’m still adjusting to the time change (as are the Kung Fu Kids—they seem to want to go to sleep at 11:30pm or later…8:30pm California time!), it’s wonderful to be home and I’m writing you this missive while looking out at… Continue reading

The Truth About Building Wealth (dirty little secret)

Here at Kung Fu Finance I endeavor to expose the truth of how wealth-building really works (and how falling prey to hype such as “buy this ONE stock and make 300% in 6 months!” really doesn’t work). Today is one such occasion, and I would like to expose a dirty little secret of wealth-building… A… Continue reading

QnA: Operation Michigan, #1 Blogger, Inflation, Reader Responses, India

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… It’s T-2 days and counting until Operation “Undisclosed Lake in Michigan” begins…stay tuned! And I just learned today that Kung Fu Finance was named the “#1 Personal Finance Blogger of the Week” on a site called QuizzleWire (I love their tagline: “Don’t Guess. Know.“). They did a very nice write-up on me and I now… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Gold plunge, How to Internationalize, Information Overload

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… Thank you for your great questions and comments this week, and I wish you a wonderful weekend (and for many of you, the start of summer already!). Next week is the Kung Fu Kids’ very last week of school, and also our last week in California before heading for the shores of a beautiful lake… Continue reading

QnA Friday: China, Australia, Private Equity, Meetups, Facebook, Kids and Money

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… Happy Friday, and welcome new subscribers! It’s great to have you on board our Kung Fu Finance battleship. With all of the gloom and doom foisted upon us by the financial media these days, it’s hard not to believe that maybe the Mayans had it right after all and the world really will crumble into… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Intrinsic Value, Options Education, John Mauldin, and more

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… Happy Friday! I hope you have an outstanding weekend (and don’t forget to call your Mama on Mother’s Day!).   🙂 I’m going to jump right into this week’s questions… First, Kelly asks: Hi Susan, I’m a newbie that discovered you by way of Craig Ballantyne’s Internet Independence daily e-mails, and am really glad I did.… Continue reading

Kung Fu Girl Interviewed by Your Money Mogul

I’m taking a quick break today from Casey Conference reporting to go “back to my roots” (although I will return to that soon, including sharing with you my take on how best to “get to the other side“!). A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Andrew Dumais of Your Money Mogul fame,… Continue reading

QnA Friday: How to Build Wealth, Kung Fu Swap Meet, Australia

It’s QnA Friday…No Worka ’til Monday… It’s Aloha Friday…no work-a ‘til Monday… Unless, of course, you are Kung Fu Girl who has (once again) something really embarrassing to admit and therefore something sort of like “work” to do this weekend… We, the Kung Fu Family, have WAY. TOO. MUCH. STUFF. It’s true…yes, I, Kung Fu Girl, who goes on and on… Continue reading

Spooky QnA Friday: YogiPlay, Robert Kiyosaki Live, Women and Money

TGI-Spooky-F! I’m writing you today from my good friend Cedric’s offices in Menlo Park (it’s nice to get out of the house and work from a real office every once in a while!). He and his wife Michal have started a new company called YogiPlay(“Confident Parenting on Your Mobile Device”) and have just raised… Continue reading