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The Sexy World of Private Equity (Part 2)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We are counting down the days until Summer here in the Kung Fu Family household and I personally cannot believe it is June already. The year is 40% over…are you 40% closer to achieving your goals? I hope so! (I’ve got to get a move on, myself!)   … Continue reading

Guest Post: Black Belt “Accredited Investor” Presentation Debrief

Greetings Grasshopper! Today I am in sunny Austin, TX where I am attending an Internet conference to help me create more value for you with our Kung Fu Finance website, so I have asked another “Accredited Investor” friend of mine, Laurence Hughes, to give us a quick debrief from the presentation he attended yesterday in… Continue reading

5 Ways to Find Private Placements

This is an exceptionally crazy week for me with a lot of comings and goings! On a happy note, Kung Fu Grandma just arrived today (hooray!) and I picked her up from the airport, but on a sad note, Kung Fu Guy leaves today for Japan, and I also leave on Thursday for a conference… Continue reading