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7 Critical Debt Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Repaying Your Debt

Long time no see, my wonderful grasshopper folks! I’m (finally) back (after 5 years)! I cannot believe I’ve neglected you all for so long. Feels like just yesterday I was slinging tips to you guys on the daily. Well, today I got some advice from the good folks at in regards to paying off… Continue reading

QnA Friday: Happy New Year! (and 401k QnA Part 1)

Happy New Year my wonderful grasshopper friends! I’m back! I cannot believe we are ten days into January already. It seems as if just yesterday the Kung Fu Kids were putting out cookies and milk for Santa and making gifts for the family. My favorite is the handwritten card they made me inviting me to… Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Kung Fu Girl!

wish you a beautiful, magical, joyous holiday filled with love, peace, and joy! My dear friends, I am shutting down for the holidays (but only for the holidays…I will be back with lots to share with you in the New Year!) As a beautiful mentor of mine says, my sweet Kung Fu Kids need… Continue reading