Kung Fu Finance is dedicated to helping people dramatically improve their financial situation, no matter where they may be starting from, while having fun along the way!  I believe that people learn best when they are engaged and entertained, and to this day I have no idea why the vast majority of “finance” sites are soooo dry and dull (with a few notable exceptions that I will certainly refer to when relevant).

Why Yet Another Personal Finance Site?

Most personal finance sites target the “average investor” (and really, who wants to be “average”? No one gets excited about being “average”!) with very average-to-below-average advice, such as “Save your money! Clip coupons! Get on a budget! Contribute to your 401(k)!”, which, to paraphrase one of my personal Kung Fu Finance Masters, Doug Casey, “is not just the wrong advice, but exactly the opposite of the RIGHT advice!”

Alternatively, other sites target the “wants-to-be-sophisticated investor” with crazy promises (you’ve seen the sales letters— “Discover how this 97-year-old woman unlocked $1,392,400 using just this ONE secret!” or “Make 352% by buying this ONE stock that’s a ‘sure bet’!” or “READ THIS NOW BEFORE THE MARKET PLUNGES!” in all-caps of course, to make you drop everything NOW and read it immediately.)

Well, I am tired of both of these types of sites, and I have some time and a lot of passion, so I am creating a site dedicated to helping people think for themselves financially and to helping each other out along the way.

Why Now?

I am also terrified for my fellow Americans (I am a U.S. citizen) and for many of our other Western, developed-economy global citizens. In the U.S., as I write this, the majority of citizens believe:

  • That the U.S. debt is “manageable”
  • That the economy is “recovering”
  • That inflation is “transitory”
  • That the best way to become wealthy is to save “money” (e.g. U.S. dollars…not really “money” but we’ll get into that later)
  • That the government would never lie to them and will always look out for them
  • …and much more

I worry that unless people begin to take some personal responsibility for their financial education and situation, their standard of living will drop dramatically in the next few years.  There is no time to waste!


I have always had a passion for personal finance (first, in growing mine to match what my parents called my “expensive tastes”) :-), but later, in helping others achieve financial freedom.  I have therefore made it my mission to help 1000 people dramatically improve their personal financial situation in the next 12 months.  Obviously, this means different things to different people, depending on where you are currently, but no matter where you are, I want to help you not just do “better” this year financially, but to do UNBELIEVABLY better by delivering you the utmost valuable and honest content and help that I can.


My dream is for my mission to grow into a movement of people who have the guts to challenge their most deeply held assumptions and beliefs about money and personal finance, the gumption to cast aside the shackles of our lackluster (that’s putting it kindly) education, the courage to try new ways of doing things, and the compassion to help each other out along the way.

Will You Join Me?

Are you one of these people?  Are you tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck?  Of having your dollars (or euros or pounds or…) losing their value right before your very eyes?  (Did you know the dollar has lost 96% of its value in the past 80 years?  And 40% in just the past 8 years alone?)  Then I hope you’ll subscribe, contribute, and join us on our journey to “Kung Fu Finance Mastery”.