I hope you had a wonderful holiday with the people you love; I know I sure did. On this “light” holiday week I found this hilarious pic of Richard Dawson from Family Feud…remember him (always kissing on all of the contestants)?

Well, while I can’t kiss on all of you awesome subscribers this week I can at least report back the results of our Kung Fu Finance survey as promised!

Here we go!

1. Name your belt level…Survey Says!

85% of you are Blue Belts (Beginning Investors) and below, with

  • 17% just starting out
  • 30% White Belt (Know your enemies, have a vision, committed to achieving it)
  • 11% Yellow Belt (Know yourself, solid grasp of personal finance, reads and creates personal financial statements, organized)
  • 5% Orange Belt (Have War Plan with goals, strategies, and tactics)
  • 2% Red Belt (Budgeter, save more than you make each month and pay down debt)
  • 8% Purple Belt (Super Saver, emergency fund and short-term savings)
  • 12% Blue Belts (Beginning investor, buys mutual funds, ETF’s, individual stocks, other basic investments)
  • 8% Green Belts (Intermediate investor, understands bond market and complex geo-political and macroeconomic trends)
  • 5% Brown Belts (Advanced investor, uses sophisticated strategies and alternative investments e.g. FOREX, commodities, advanced options strategies, real estate, businesses)
  • 2% Black Belts (Master at one or more investment areas, continues to learn new strategies, network with other investors, and grow wealth)

I realize that real-life never fits so neatly into boxes (or belts in this case) and a few of you mentioned in the comments that you are a green belt investor but a lousy budgeter, or a brown belt investor but still paying down debt, etc., which is completely fine! But for the most part these levels seem to make sense to everyone, and thank you for your great comments!

2. Name the information you’d most like to see addressed on Kung Fu Finance…Survey Says! 

  • 77% of you want more “How To” information (how to short a stock, how to sell a put option, how to buy gold, etc.)
  • 53% want specific investment ideas and recommendations
  • 36% want more information on “mastering your mind
  • 35% want more personal stories, investing mistakes and wins
  • 17% want more kung fu!

(Note you could select more than one, so the percentages don’t add up to 100…)

3. Name the category of information you are most interested in learning more about…Survey Says!

  • Over half of you are interested in learning more about precious metals, closely followed by stocks, businesses, and commodities. Real estate and currencies tied for fifth place, and poor old bonds trailed in dead last.

4. Name your sex…Survey Says!

  • 67% of you are male, and 33% are female

5. Name your age…Survey Says!

  • 59% of you are 40 – 59
  • 21% are 60+
  • 19% are 21 – 39

6. Name your likelihood of participating in a private online social community…Survey Says!

  • 85% of you would be “slightly” to “extremely” likely
  • 15% “not at all” likely

There were four other open-ended questions and I received literally hundreds of positive, helpful comments…thank you so much! There were too many comments to share here via email/blog post, but I really appreciate each and every single one and am working my tail off to incorporate many of them into our site for 2012.  Thank you!

Please have a wonderful holiday week! 2012 is almost here…let’s make it count together!

To your financial success,
—Kung Fu Girl