Those of you who’ve been reading Kung Fu Finance for any length of time know how I beat the drum on the importance of owning some physical gold and silver and the importance of internationalizing your assets.

But sometimes investing in gold and silver can be confusing, difficult, and fraught with uncertainty.

Do you buy paper or physical gold? (physical) Pooled or unpooled accounts? Do you store it or take delivery? How do you know you’re getting the best deal? What do you say when you call a dealer to inquire? What is a “typical” premium to charge for various coins/bars? How do you know you’re not getting taken advantage of? How and where do you store your metals? How do you go about internationalizing them?

These are not easy questions, but I am thrilled to tell you that today, I finally have a truly fantastic answer to each and every one of them.

It is my great honor to announce a brand-new solution to investing in precious metals, called the Hard Assets Alliance. Kung Fu Finance has partnered with the most well-respected independent financial and investment research firms to help our subscribers and customers buy and store gold, silver, platinum, and palladium internationally in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible—literally with just a few mouse clicks.

Until just now, this opportunity has only been available to institutional investors, hedge funds, pension funds and high-net-worth brokerage clients, but now is available to you (and to me…I’m off to open my account as soon as I send you this email!).

To find out more, click here…

And for a limited time, the Hard Assets Alliance has waived its membership fee, so there is absolutely zero risk to open an account. You can open an account today for free, take your time to investigate it on your own and see if it’s right for you, and then fund your account whenever you’re ready to make a purchase.

I’m off to open my own account now, and I hope you will join me and take advantage of this new precious metals breakthrough!

(And I truly mean “breakthrough”—that’s not some cheesy marketing statement, but an honest description!)

If you’re excited about…

  • Buying only the best and highest quality physical gold and silver (no numismatics, no junk, and all bars are LBMA-approved)
  • Always getting the absolute best and lowest prices available (dealers compete for your business, assuring you of the best price)
  • Storing your bullion safely overseas in New York, Salt Lake City, Zurich, London, Sydney, or Singapore for extremely reasonable storage rates
  • Taking possession of your metals in 2 business days, whenever you decide

…then I hope you will join me in checking out this wonderful new service.

Click here to find out more about this exciting new way of buying and storing precious metals!

Good investing!

To your financial success,
— Kung Fu Girl

P.S. Wow, that’s a pretty “sales-y” email for little ol’ me! And the first one I’ve ever sent!

But hopefully you know by now that I would never recommend nor endorse anything that I didn’t personally like, use, and believe in myself (and yes, I did open an account myself!).

It’s the truth—I’m very excited about this because it finally makes buying and storing precious metals overseas flexible, easy, and very cost-effective. I did a lot of due diligence before recommending this, my very first affiliate product (and by affiliate that means that yes, I will receive a tiny fee if you click on a link above and make a purchase).

It’s a very, very tiny amount, however, as the whole point of the service is to make it easier and less expensive for people to buy and store precious metals internationally, which is currently rather difficult to do. (I’ve tried myself, even sending Kung Fu Guy to Singapore to open up a safe deposit box over there, which he did…but then we have to buy metals in Singapore and get them to our box, and/or ship metals we already own, both of which are rather complicated with customs and attempting to insure shipments or carry them on the plane ourselves…It truly is not a trivial matter!)

And there is GoldMoney, which I also like, but this is much more flexible…with GoldMoney if you want to take delivery of less than a 400-oz. bar they literally have to melt down one of those big bars and recast it into smaller bars (and of course you need to pay for that—it’s 4% of its weight for a 100 gram ~3oz. bar, and 2.75% of its weight for a 1000 gram ~32oz. bar), and there is no option with GoldMoney to buy or store or take delivery of coins whatsoever.

Anyway, that’s not to disparage GoldMoney, which is also a great service, but just to point out some of the tradeoffs, and I can speak more about it in a detailed QnA later this week as I’ve gotten lots of great questions…how does it compare to GoldMoney, can you use this with an IRA LLC, how does it compare to your local coin dealer, etc.

And for those of you who do decide this does make sense for you, I issue you a very hearty thank you for helping me keep the lights on here at Kung Fu Finance!   🙂