I’m writing you today from a luxury bus enroute from the Sovereign Man property to Santiago, Chile, where we will sadly depart for home tonight (actually it’s with mixed feelings—we really miss our girls, but will miss Chile, too).

What an amazing weekend!

If you ever have an opportunity to take an investment-related trip like this I highly recommend it—I have met the most interesting people this weekend—productive, fascinating people who are out there in the world shaking things up, making things happen, and creating value for others.

In the past three days I have met and spoken with so many interesting and helpful people who have already opened doors for me (and hopefully I was able to do the same for them!), and I’ve met several potential business partners for Kung Fu Finance.

Here are just a few of the fascinating people I met and connected with this weekend (names and details omitted for privacy):

  • President of an oil company in the process of taking it public,
  • A kung fu master who teaches Wing Chun in Washington, D.C.,
  • Professor of macroeconomics from a leading U.S. university,
  • Man who owns a productive, cash-flowing farm in Uruguay,
  • Gourmet chef from Texas currently living and working in Brazil,
  • CFA from the Midwest on a three-month travel-and-business adventure in South America,
  • Full-time investor and world traveler from Sri Lanka,
  • Business man from the West Coast who owns multiple businesses all over the world, and
  • Many, many more!

I’m omitting names and details in the interest of privacy, as all of these people value their privacy and freedom highly (which is one of the things that drew them to Simon’s community in the first place!). I feel honored to know them—definitely the highlight of this trip for me was connecting with so many like-minded and interesting people.

The resilient community itself is spectacularly beautiful—it’s a productive, cash-flowing farm set in the beautiful central Chilean countryside. The farm produces all kinds of fruit and vegetables (plums, blueberries, tomatoes, wine grapes, pears, apples, and much more) and many of the workers have lived and worked there for years.

View from Chile

Beautiful View of the Chilean Countryside

In my estimation it is everything Simon has promised and more…strong property and water rights, low-to-no taxes or carrying costs, a productive resilient farm with all kinds of produce and livestock, stunning views, and potentially fascinating and productive neighbors.

The farm is profitable, but I wouldn’t necessarily view it as an “investment”; rather, it would be a beautiful home, a lovely vacation spot, and a terrific “escape pad” if you are ever in need of one (something Simon discusses frequently on his internationalization blog, Sovereign Man).

Drying Plums

Drying plums into prunes…Yum!

As with any real estate development, there are risks involved, and the primary risk in something like this is the lead developer himself (in this case, Simon). So the questions I wanted to answer by meeting him in person (and if you’ve been reading Kung Fu Finance for any length of time, you’ll know how much I value meeting people face to face whenever possible!), were:

  • Can he deliver on his promises?
  • Is he ethical?
  • Competent?
  • Capable?
  • Trustworthy?

And I am happy to report that it’s a resounding “YES” on all counts—he definitely under-promised and over-delivered on the tour itself, and struck me as extremely ethical, competent, capable, and trustworthy. (Plus he’s a nice guy, which is an important quality in a potential future neighbor!) 🙂

Why would you consider something like this?

There are many reasons for being interested in a development like this, and it was fun to talk with everyone and see what their reasons were for potentially moving to Chile. The reasons and expectations are as varied as the people—some are looking for a nice place to retire overseas, others want to internationalize some of their assets and/or obtain residency in Chile, others have reached their “ah-ha” moment in their country-of-residence and are looking for a nice “landing pad” for themselves and their family, and some are “all of the above”!

If you are interested in pursuing something like this, I would definitely sign up for Simon’s daily emails at, because he covers a world (literally…) of opportunities in many, many countries. My impression is that this first resilient community in Chile is full so he will not be conducting any more tours at this specific locale, but if this works the way he plans (and I see no reason why it wouldn’t) then there is definitely the potential for future developments / resilient communities nearby.

I am off to see a bit more of Santiago with some new friends before our flight leaves tonight…please let me know if you have any questions and to the extent that I can answer them I will (again, Simon is a pretty private guy which I absolutely respect, but to the extent that I can answer questions about resilient communities, my experience with Sovereign Man Confidential, foreign real estate developments and their risks/rewards in general as we’ve now seen several properties in various countries, etc., I certainly will!).

Make this a great week!!!  Can you help someone this week? I guarantee it will come back to you and then some!

To your financial success,

— Kung Fu Girl