I’m taking a quick break today from Casey Conference reporting to go “back to my roots” (although I will return to that soon, including sharing with you my take on how best to “get to the other side“!).

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Andrew Dumais of Your Money Mogul fame, and he graciously captured our interview in an audio session on his website via a YouTube video that you can access here:

Your Money Mogul Interviews Kung Fu Girl

We talked for almost an hour, and he got me to open up more about:

  • my story,
  • how I discovered Austrian economics,
  • why I like “alternative” investments,
  • the daily/weekly disciplines I follow to become a better money manager,
  • my mentors and their best advice for me,
  • what I would do differently if I had to do it all over again,
  • the many questions I ask myself before making an investment to take the emotion out,
  • how I developed my Kung Fu Finance website,
  • and more!

I’m working on getting the interview transcribed and will let you know when that’s done, but for now, I hope you enjoy listening to my (dorky-yet-hopefully-helpful-and-encouraging) story!

Back on Friday with some Casey insights and Q&A…

To your financial success,

—Kung Fu Girl