• We believe you CAN be the smart money.
  • We believe you can think for yourself.
  • We encourage you to question your assumptions at all times.
  • We encourage you to question your your leaders, your government, your news, your media, your banker, your broker, your financial advisor, and yes, even your mother, at all times. (Ask yourself– what’s in it for THEM?)
  • We are capitalists and believe that producing more and creating more value will earn us more money.
  • We believe that serving more people will earn us more money.
  • We believe that herds get slaughtered.
  • We believe in seeking the truth and alternative viewpoints rather than blindly accepting the status quo.
  • We believe in ethics and the power of the Golden Rule. (The “real” one, not “he who has the gold, makes the rules”, although that also seems to be true!)
  • We believe that your macroeconomic view of the world is KEY to making (and keeping) your money.
  • We believe that having a solid grasp of basic finance is KEY to making money.
  • We believe that watching Jim Cramer is NOT KEY to making money (although Jim’s a smart guy).
  • We believe that YOU must believe in yourself and your ability to learn, do, and grow. You won’t regret it.
  • We believe that FUN is an absolutely ESSENTIAL part of finance, and of life!!!