Happy Holidays from Kung Fu Girl!

by kungfugirl on December 19, 2012

K & M Gingerbread

I wish you a beautiful, magical, joyous holiday filled with love, peace, and joy!

My dear friends, I am shutting down for the holidays (but only for the holidays…I will be back with lots to share with you in the New Year!)

As a beautiful mentor of mine says, my sweet Kung Fu Kids need me to stop looking at my computer and look directly at them for awhile, and my soul needs the same. Kung Fu Guy is on an exceedingly rare break from his own work (a “planned shutdown”) and the Kung Fu Kids are off from school, so I am taking a rare family holiday and hope that you have the opportunity to do the same and spend some beautiful time with your loved ones.

K and M Gingerbread

Happy Holidays from the Kung Fu Kids!

A million prayers that peace and love carry you and your family joyously into the New Year!

Happy holidays and much love to you and yours,

— Kung Fu Girl

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